Buy Oil & Gas Royalties

Are you interested in expanding your current oil and gas investments or reallocating your investments in other areas? If so, buying oil and gas royalties with the help of BWAB might be a great solution for you.

BWAB is a Denver-based company oil and gas company that provides investment opportunities to our clients both locally and abroad. At BWAB, we are prepared to help our clients build a diversified portfolio of high-value, active oil and gas properties throughout North America. Our partner base is diverse, working with small businesses and brokers, to landowners and universities seeking to buy oil and gas royalties.

At BWAB, we handle the land evaluations, geological surveys, accounting, acquisition, negotiations and filing of paperwork when you buy oil and gas royalties. Our internal funding is secured by cash flow from self-owned oil and gas properties in conjunction with longstanding relationships with industry partners.

Our investments include producing oil and gas properties with upside potential in further exploration, existing royalty interests, oil and gas pipelines, storage facilities, treatment facilities and development of existing properties. Our competitive advantage lies in our industry intelligence and relentless discovery of upsides acquired at a very low operating risk. We generate significant returns from turnarounds and recapitalizations and through repositioning troubled oil and gas assets and companies. Why not put that cash flow in your pocket?

BWAB is an ambitious oil and gas investment company with production sites throughout the United States that has worked tirelessly to maximize invest or returns for over 30 years. If you’re ready to learn more about how to buy oil and gas properties and get involved in oil and gas investing, we can help. Give our experienced management team a call today at 303.295.7444 to learn how we manage oil and gas properties.