The Taxman Cometh: What to Know about Taxes on Mineral Rights

Where there is income, there are taxes. If you’ve just leased the mineral rights to your land to an oil and gas company, you may wonder, how will the revenue from royalty and lease payments affect my taxes? How Taxes on Mineral Rights Royalties are Figured The royalties paid to you from the company leasing […]

Will an Oil Rig on My Property Be Invasive?

Choosing to lease or sell the mineral rights to your property takes time. As you question the process, you may wonder how having an oil rig on your property will affect your day-to-day life. After all, giving an oil and gas company the green light to mine below your home and land means they’ll have […]

How Does an Oil and Gas Well Impact My Property Value?

As you debate whether or not to sell or lease your land’s mineral rights to a local oil and gas company, several questions spring to mind. One initial concern for landowners is how having an oil well on your property will impact the overall value of your land. Does an oil well improve or decrease the […]