Working Interest Oil and Gas: Explained!

“[Working interests are] by far the riskiest and most involved way to participate in an oil and gas investment,” according to an article on Investopedia. Yes, a working interest in oil and gas can be a risky endeavor but as any successful investor will tell you, with great risk comes great reward. But what is […]

What is Upstream Oil and Gas Production?

The massive petroleum industry is divided into three distinct sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream. Each area focuses on key aspects of oil and gas processing: from exploration and drilling to transportation, production and sales. The first link in the chain is upstream oil and gas production. What is Upstream Oil and Gas Production? Before you can […]

Oil and Gas Rig Counts Are Down: What Does this Mean?

In the petroleum industry, the number of active working oil and gas rigs serve as a primary indicator of oil and gas demands. As rig counts dwindled at the start of 2016, so did oil and gas jobs, investments and royalty payments. What are Oil and Gas Rig Counts? For over 70 years, economists and […]

How Falling Oil Prices Affect Overriding Royalty Interest

Falling oil prices are being felt across the country and overseas. In addition to oil and gas discovery, production and refinement workers, investors and landowners are feeling the dry spell too. Overriding royalty interest (ORRI) payments, or the royalty payments made above and beyond standard royalty payments to investors, are dwindling alongside quickly declining oil […]