Sell Oil & Gas Royalties

BWAB is an independent oil and gas production company that regularly acquires operated and non-operated producing working interests, overrides, royalties, minerals and non-producing leaseholds. We also invest in oil and gas pipelines, storage facilities, treatment facilities and development of existing properties. When you want to sell your oil and gas royalties and interests, we can help.

Whether you’re looking to retire from the energy industry, or need to get out of an upside down investment, when you are ready to sell oil and gas royalties, we can help quickly. We regularly assist royalty owners, brokers, investors and landowners throughout the United States.

We can work together to determine the value of your oil and gas assets through independent geological surveys and existing records to get you a fair price. We understand the oil and gas industry can be a bit of a roller coaster ride at times, leaving investors eager for options to diversify their investments elsewhere. If you’re ready to sell oil and gas royalties, we’re ready to buy. After we make the purchase, we work to consolidate and improve the operational efficiency of each property we own to create investment opportunities for future buyers.

Why Sell Your Oil & Gas Royalties?

Making the decision to sell a portion or all of your royalties can be based on several factors. Financial need is the most common reason but some royalty owners may simply want to reallocate funds towards other investments. Whether you’re looking to clear up estate issues or are looking to sell oil and gas royalties for maximum value based on current market prices, evaluating the risks versus incentives are considerations that BWAB is happy to help you with.

Where We Buy

BWAB is a small Denver-based company focused on mitigating distressed situations across the country. Areas of particular interest include: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, California, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

If you’re facing foreclosure or property liens, contact our experienced management team for more information about how to sell oil and gas royalties, mineral rights and properties. We’re ready to write you a check. Contact us today to request a bid.