BWAB Oil & Gas is a Denver-based, independent energy company engaged in the evaluation, acquisition, and development of strategic, high-growth energy projects. We focus on producing and developing oil and gas plays primarily in the Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent regions.

We cultivate strategic partnerships and
develop high-growth energy projects.


Our management team has decades of experience and an extensive track record of successful ventures.

Seasoned Visionaries

We are a team of oil and gas, financial, and leadership professionals; we coalesce our collective strengths, experiences, and industry relationships with the BWAB vision in order to develop significant and sustainable top-tier energy projects for our investor partners.


We target projects which we believe provide the opportunity for repeat success, meaningful production, and reserve growth.

Dynamic. Nimble. Focused.

BWAB is focused on reserve acquisitions, enhancements to production, and development drilling both on extending nearby oil and gas production - conventional and unconventional - and on the exploitation of acquired properties.


We utilize our expertise in order to identify profitable and undervalued investment opportunities in the energy sector.

Proven Strategies

Our collective strengths, experiences, investment partnerships, and longstanding industry relationships enable us to source strategic cash flow acquisition opportunities and actively manage ongoing operations and investments while limiting capital exposure through strategic partnerships and alliances.


Trust, respect, transparency, open communication, and commercial focus as the building blocks of our success.

Relationships Matter

These building blocks serve all aspects of our business and are the lens through which we evaluate every decision we make and every partnership we endeavor. We are proud to recognize that our employees are our most valued assets and the foundation of BWAB's successful performance.

We generate sustainable economic growth
for our investor partners.