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We are dedicated to an intensive identification, research and acquisition process that leads to oil and gas property offerings with unrealized upside potential and low operating risk.


We are committed to treating both our sellers and our buyers with the utmost in courtesy, ethics and respect, always working to find solutions that provide fair and equitable treatment and accomplish the goals of all stakeholders.


Whether you’re buying or selling, BWAB’s team is made up of seasoned professionals whose professionalism, knowledge, integrity and reach provide you with full confidence that you’ve made the right choice.

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When it comes to buying and selling oil and gas properties, you want to choose a company with experience, integrity, a careful touch and a proven strategy. The professionals at BWAB deliver those essential elements and more. As a Denver-based, privately held independent oil and gas production company in operation since the 1950s, we have earned a reputation for values-based business operations for sellers and exceptional deliverables for investors and partnerships.

Our strategic acquisition process seeks hidden opportunities in both operated and non-operated producing working interests, focusing on operational improvements and cost control as well as improved yield. Our offerings also include overrides, royalties, minerals and non-producing leaseholds purchased from sellers with diverse reasons for exiting the market. Our management team works to provide satisfaction for all parties, whatever the goal, and to do so in a way that combines efficiency with value, competence, and profitability. Our unique collaboration with Secap Partners helps us to create value through structured solutions for banks and borrowers in distressed and opportunistic energy markets.

Our success is always best measured by our clients’ satisfaction: it’s a point of pride that almost half of those we work with are return customers. Whether you’re a landowner who is exploring a sale of oil and gas property or an investor looking or an opportunity with real potential, contact BWAB at 303-295-7444 to learn more about our operations and how we can help you negotiate today’s competitive energy investment landscape.

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