Goldilocks at the Pump: What Price per Gallon is Just Right?

It’s not uncommon for the price per gallon of gas to become a hot topic of conversation around the old water cooler. Everyone has an opinion. If you spend hours a day commuting for work, you cheer when prices dip. If you rely on oil and gas income to pad the bank account, you like […]

Mineral Rights 101: What is Overriding Royalty Interest?

After you lease the mineral rights to the land beneath your property, you can earn additional income by allowing an oil and gas company to set up a production site on the land. Once the well starts producing, the mineral rights owner can earn royalty interest or landowner’s royalty from the sale of the oil […]

How to Sell Mineral Rights: What to Know Before Selling

You’ve been approached by a landman from an area oil and gas company. He’s interested in buying the mineral rights to your property and you think it’s a good idea. But, what exactly goes into the sale beyond signing the contract and welcoming the company onto your property to begin excavation and production? What Are […]

How to Negotiate Oil and Gas Lease Terms

You’ve been approached by a representative or landman from a local oil and gas producer to explore and extract mineral deposits from the land beneath your home. He’s discussing leasing options on the mineral rights to your property. But, what does that mean? And, how should you approach this opportunity? Sure, it may seem like […]

Surface Rights vs. Mineral Rights: What’s the Difference?

Whether you have interest in selling your land or have been approached by a buyer, you should always know exactly what’s included in the transaction. When you own land, there are two levels of ownership that you may possess: surface rights and mineral rights. Do you know the difference? What Are Surface Rights? When you […]

23 Best Oil & Gas Conferences to Attend in 2016

Stay knowledgeable and on top of current energy trends by mingling with key players and trendsetters in the industry. Plan to attend an oil and gas conference in your region in 2016. From helpful seminars and panels, to expos and hands-on exhibits, you’re sure to benefit. Not sure where to start? We’ve complied a list […]

Oil Prices Drop 4% As Investors Retreat From Overnight Gains

Oil prices fell more than 4 percent on Tuesday as investors took profits after Brent and U.S. crude soared more than 8 percent in the previous session. Both Brent and U.S. crude prices dropped nearly $2 a barrel shortly after trading in Brent started on Tuesday, before partly recovering later in the session. “A lot […]

US Oil Settles Down $1.30, or 2.18%, at $58.33 a Barrel

Crude futures hit three-week lows on Monday as Greece shut its banks and imposed capital controls, causing widespread risk aversion, while Iran looked likely to extend nuclear negotiations with the West to export more of its oil into an oversupplied market. The dollar surged against the euro to early June highs on worries over the […]

Energy Industry Helps Cut Emissions Near 20-Year Low

While vehicle miles traveled have nearly doubled since 1980, emissions are drastically down. The combination of cleaner fuels, modernized equipment and facilities, plus more efficient vehicles have cut emissions by 62% over the same period according to a recent statement from the American Petroleum Institute. Ozone concentration has dropped 18% since 2000 alone. A major […]

Billions in Infrastructure Needed to Meet U.S. Energy Needs

According to a recent report by ICF International, $641 billion in delivery and storage infrastructure is needed in the next 20-25 years to meet the demand of the growing North American energy market. Nearly half of that sum is needed to finance the estimated 35,000 miles of pipelines and 303,000 miles of gas gathering lines […]